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17th Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference: Ideas at Work


March 28 and 29
The Fashion Institute of Technology 
227 West 27th St., New York, NY 10001


This year's theme, "Ideas at Work," will focus on the innovation that has paved the way for real change in the fashion and related industries. That includes sustainable materials, products, and services that are just now hitting the market—and making a difference. You’ll hear from global experts about advances in plant-based leather, green chemistry, responsible sourcing, and conscious design, among many other innovations.

The conference will celebrate those who are implementing new approaches and technologies to mitigate the damaging impact of the fashion and related industries on our global ecosystem. Programming will focus on circularity, social responsibility, and innovation that addresses this formidable challenge.


Find the full schedule and speaker information on the Sustainability Conference site.


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March 28 - March 29
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FIT's 17th Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference: Ideas at Work:
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